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Feira das almas - 1st anniversary

Hi last Saturday 1/06/2013, I went with some friends to Feira das Almas, this edition celebrated the first anniversary of the market, a really cool Vintage/ Music/ Art/ Clothes .... Market in Lisbon (Anjos)! It was the fist time that I went I adore it, it was so cool and all the the persons were super likeable and very considerate. So to resume I had so much fun and I would definitively come back !!! In this edition I had the chance to buy some awesome pieces from online and facebook brands and my friends too, so check the photos to see how the market looks like. 

Insight Shi Retro Shop Facebook Page

I purchase a really cool Jack Daniels Top from Insight Shi !

KASKA Facebook Page

WE LOVE Facebook Page

Amazing bustiers, sweaters and shorts AWESOME !

GRODT SHOP Facebook page

Really stylish !

Madame Turbante Facebook Page

One of my big founds ! I just love all the pieces so glamorous !

VVAD3 Facebook Page


Just love this brand !!! Lovely bracelets, rings,  necklaces .... 

Insane Pieces Facebook Page

The bikinis are so cool !

Gold velvet Facebook Page

Really cool ! I really love the necklaces !

In secret we met Facebook Page

I really love their jewellery ! so clean and chic ! 

You should have loved me Facebook Page

Lovely jewellery !

MIIA Facebook Page
 I just love their tops and t-shirts so much !!! We purchase 3 tops you can see them in the next photo !
The girls were so sweet ! 

Really cool brand lots and lots of animals and prints !

Pretty Outlet Facebook Page

Brand - Joana's Closet Facebook Page

Just love it the pieces are really cool and one of my friends purchase one awesome navy blue shirt with little studs and little lions studs !

 All Photos by Miss APPO ( copyright )
If you want to use those photos, please contact

XOXO kisses / beijinhos / bisous WTF STREET STYLE !!!!

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  1. xo xo very nice!

  2. Bom dia! Que pena não ter ido. Já estou arrependida... Lembras-te se a loja que estava a vender o relógio do gato tem página no facebook? Obrigada! :)


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