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Support BOSTON !

Hi i just found those new converse all stars sneakers ! ( shop here )  The Limited Edition Converse Boston Sneaker. All proceeds from the sneaker will go to The One Fund Boston, created to help the victims and families affected by the tragic events of the Boston Marathon.
While supplies last, available until May 31st. 
AMAZING !!! So if you are thinking about what kind of converses you will purchase, I recommend you this model, super fashionable and at the same time you are helping BOSTON !

xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

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First GIVENCHY pictures from autumn/winter 2013-2014

Hi today Givenchy unveils the first images from its autumn/winter 2013-14 campaign, starring Amanda Seyfried and model Dalianah Arekion. Seyfried is also currently the face of the brand's Very Irresistible fragrance. ( VOGUE UK )
The pictures are great, I feel that this campaign will be fabulous, all the models fits so well, and this panterns... whowww ! I can wait to see all the campaign !!!

xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

#candycool FURLA PROJECT

Hi, next to the big Candybrissima tour, the best-seller Candy bag from Furla, starts a new project. The project is the #CANDYCOOL !!! This project has as objective to develop a new concept of creativity around the Candy bag. It will start in Tokyo, Japan, with nailist and ilustrator Nagisa Tsukushima,  food designer Rotary Parker and Nishijin Textile Centre, the big  trendsetter and blogger Misha Janette and by Sayumi Gunji,  Vogue Japan creative director . with with artists from all over the world, and it will be create lots of little creative teams around the globe, to imagine and share new ideas. In the 2014 Milan Fashion week the final limited edition bag will be presented. What do you think about this amazing project ???

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London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2013 part 1 - street style

Thanks Racquel Stewart !

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London Fashion Week Report - Street Style

Thanks Racquel Stewart !

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London Fashion Week street style Spring Summer 2013

Thanks TheMuseDotTV

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Intersection: Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show


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Street Style Intersection: Rue Saint-Honoré


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Hi today I bring some really cool new stuff, recently I got this really cool avarcas menorquinas, really popular in Spain, they are use by the royal family of Spain !!! Avarcas are traditionals sandals originally developed in Minorca in the Balearic Islands. They are usually made from a leather upper and with the sole made from a recycled car tyre. They are super confortable and really useful. You can go to the beach or walk around the city with them ! I have negre sargatana ones from Pop Avarcas, this model is called negre sargantana (black lizard ) ,  because in Menorca their is a little island where lives a black lizard ," illa del aire " . 

Salut aujourd'hui je vous apporte une grande nouveauté, il y a une semaine j'ai reçue mes avarcas menorquinas, trés populaires entre les espagnoles, elles sont utilisés par la famille royal d'Espagne!!!  Les avarcas sont des sandales traditionnelles produites à Minorque dans les îles Baléares. À l'origine, elles étaient faites d'une empeigne de cuir et d'une semelle faite de pneu de voitures recyclé. De nos jours, les semelles gardent l'aspect du pneu mais dans les faits sont faites à partir de moules. Elles sont plus robustes et beaucoup plus légères que les semelles originelles, en pneu de voitures. Elles sont super confortables et super pratiques, on peut les utilisé pour aller á la plage ou même pour faire une promenade dans la ville. Moi j'ai choisi modèle negre sargatana (lézard noir) de chez Pop Avarcas, se nom leur est donnés car á Menorca il y a une petite île, île del Aire, où vie ce lezard.

Olá hoje trago-vos uma novidade, á uma semana recebi as minhas avarcas menorquinas, já muito populares entre os espanhóis estas sandalias são utilizada pela familia real de Espanha!!! As avarcas são sandálias tradicionais produzidas em Maiorca nas ilhas Baleares. Normalmente compostas de pele na parte de cima e de solas de borracha, estas sandálias já são consideradas como patrimônio regional. São super confortáveis e super práticas, podemos usa-las para uma ida á praia ou mesmo para um passeio pela cidade. Eu escolhi o modelo negre sargatana ( lagarto preto ) da Pop Avarcas, chamam-se assim porque numa pequena ilha ao pé de Maiorca , ilha del Aire, vive uma grande população desta especie de lagartos.

One of my favorites websites to buy Avarcas Menorquinas : AVARCAS SHOP
You have lots of models to choose

xoxo Kisses / Bisous / Beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

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Kate Moss for UK june 2013

Hi, I just love this new editorial from VOGUE UK !!! Kate Moss is stunning, everything is perfect the clothes, the place ... ! What do you think ?

xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !

         Vogue UK June 2013 issue :
Model: Kate Moss
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Styling : Lucinda Chambers

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COLETTE ME KNOW ! review + contest !

Hi, today I bring you this super cool brand !!! COLETTE ME KNOW !!! All the pieces are gorgeous, and super stylish, they match with everything, you can use them with a simple pair of jeans or with fabulous maxi dress. The materials are great and has lots of quality. Now you have the big chance to win one of this amazing pieces !

To enter you just need to:

3 - send an email to ( with your facebook name and ENTER ME ! )

more chances to win (extra entries) :

6 - follow on GFC
7 - follow on bloglovin

The contest ends the 22nd May 2013, and the big winner will receive an email !


xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

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VOGUE US may 2013

Hi, today I bring the fantastic cover of the 2013 may issue of VOGUE US and the magazine editorial !
The model is the big british actress Carey Mulligan, in this issue she plays the role of a young and rich woman from the  big "années foles" really 20's ! She is gorgeous and the clothes and the photos too!

Olá, hoje trago-vos a fantástica capa da edição de Maio de 2013 da VOGUE US e o respetivo editorial! A modelo escolhida para "cover girl" desta edição é a famosa actriz  britânica Carey Mulligan, nesta edição Carey Mulligan está super elegante representando uma jovem e rica mulher das grandes e festivas "années folles" mesmo á anos 20.

Salut, aujourd'hui je vous apporte la couverture de mai 2013 de la VOGUE US ! La mannequin choisi est l'actrice britannique Carey Mulligan, dans cette edition elle joue un rôle de jeune femme des années folles pendant les années 20. SUPERBE !

xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

May cover of Carey Mulliganon US Vogue
Photographed by Mario Testino
and Styled by Grace Coddington