terça-feira, 12 de março de 2013

The Hand-Felted Collection by ANITA HIRLEKAR

Anita Hirlekar is an Icelandic designer based in London. Fascinated by traditional craft techniques, Anita´s work plays with bold use of colour and texture with strong focus on handcraft. Artistic inspiration allows Anita to develop thoughtful and modern collections with attention to hand-crafted fabrics and organic elegant lines. Anita has gained experience from Christian Dior Couture and Diane Von Furstenberg.
text by : The MUUSE


Frequenting art galleries in New York and London Anita Hirlekar finds inspiration in the rawness and abstract art to create fashion collections with a similar impact. Researching abstract paintings from Rothko and Richter along with photographs from Icelandic nature, she is interested in the composition of color and the use of texture. By using a traditional hand felting technique Anita creates modern statement garments reminiscent of paintings.
text by : The Muuse

This is not clothes this is art !

xoxo kisses / bisous / beijinhos WTF STREET STYLE !!!

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  1. I agree! Truly art :)



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